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Bookmarking sites play an important role in SEO. These sites will help you to affect or you can say that increase your site traffic and boost your site ranking on Search Engine Result Page.

In this section, we will discuss how to create social bookmarking links or you can say that backlinks for our website?

Social Bookmarking is What?
Social bookmarking is the technique which is used for boosting our site traffic via creating backlinks of our sites on Social media sites, other social platform related sites, and bookmarking sites. If you are an SEO Executive/Analyst or Digital Marketer, you already know about it very well. Here, on below this article, we are providing top DA Social Bookmarking sites for our users to promote their websites.

Reason Behind to Use Social bookmarking sites?
Submitting your site info on Bookmarking sites is more beneficial and you can check these benefits below:

Bookmarking is one of the most famous and fastest growing phases to increase your site ranking or for indexing fast on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

All social bookmarking sites which have high DA and you have your links to them that means back links then these links will be called quality links if these websites are ‘Dofollow’ sites.

These Bookmarking websites generate relevant and good traffic if you are using business-related categories for your business website at the time of submission.